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I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years.  I’ve spent time in ashrams in India, studio classes in Vancouver and Ottawa and have been teaching in a small studio in Perth for the last 5 years. I’ve experienced many different styles of yoga and taught just as many.


I teach a style of yoga that is less traditional and more my own. I noticed that the strength component of yoga was lacking in many classes and decided to make it my mission to address that. I provide my students with poses and sequences that build the strength necessary to carry them through any other yoga class, and to make daily activities easier and safer by building a strong, injury resistant body. 




My interest in fitness bloomed later in life. In my 30s I was introduced to weight lifting and since then it’s become my passion.  A serious knee injury and subsequent surgery threatened my fitness journey, but I came back strong and modified where necessary to carry on where I left off.


Crossfit is my preference for my own workouts and I’ve been known to slide some of that model into my classes, but my philosophy is that you have to find an activity you like in order to stick with a routine longterm.  Having said that, I feel strongly that everybody needs to be engaging in some sort of strength training, particularly in later years, in order to slow or reverse the rapid muscle loss that naturally occurs with aging.  


I aim to make resistance training fun, accessible and manageable for everyone who attends my classes or private sessions.  Whether it is sandbags or resistance bands in a yoga class, a barbell or a dumbell, I’m up for showing you how to use it and maybe you’ll even come to love it!




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